Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu


1. Nippon Kempo, 
2. Toshu Kakuto Jyutsu, 
3. Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu, 
4. Goshin Jyutsu.

What is the concept of Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu?

Ishiguro sensei, tell us in general terms about Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu and its concept.

Ishiguro Jozan-ryu Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu - fighting technique(Kuzushi) counteraction in protective armor, passed down from generation to generation since the times of Sengoku in Japan.

Body manipulation techniques that reduce physical effort.

This technique is similar to the legendary hand-to-hand combat in the era of the internecine war of princes.

Techniques honed in actual hand-to-hand combat dating back to ancient times were used by Yoroi Kumiuchi Jyutsu (armored warriors) of the Sengoku period.

And this technique was transferred to the Jozan-ryu school.

Throughout Japan, for about 500 years, there has been a traditional custom called "Isshi-Sou-den", in which one child in a family is chosen to be trained in martial arts.

This has been going on since the Sengoku period, 500-400 years ago, when Japan fought war at home.

It is a custom to pass on the skills of the first person in the family to participate in combat to the next generation.

This is a fighting technique that only this person can use.

And the combination of such techniques represents the Yoroi Kumuchi Jyutsu of Ishiguro-Jozan style.

Jozan is Go's name. Go is a name used by the elders of Japanese traditional techniques and culture in addition to their own names.

The name is used to refer to a traditional school.

Jozan is a low mountain 3 meters high.  It also means "to cross this mountain."

It was very informative and interesting.  Thank you Ishiguro sensei.