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 With the advent of the New Year 2022, every Sunday is declared FATHER'S DAY!

 FATHER'S DAY is a joint project of the Russian Combat pro Federation  and the World Federation "Sekai Bujyutsu Renmei".

  Starting from January 9, and further, every week on Sundays at 11:30 on the "ABC of Profboy" platform we conduct regular classes on the following topics: special functional training, polishing of techniques (percussion techniques, wrestling techniques), combinatorics and the applied section.

  Classes are organized simultaneously in two formats: online with the help of Zoom, offline - in the "Kokusai dojo" hall.

  The following are invited to the classes:

  - The coaching staff of the Federation. Each coach participating in the "ABC of Profboy" classes online with the help of Zoom can organize a training session for young athletes and their fathers in their gym. The money that the coach collects from the trainees in his gym remains with the coach. PARTICIPATION OF THE FATHERS IS FREE!

  - Young athletes and their dads. Dad is the son's assistant (the coach substitutes for the assistant at his own discretion).

  FATHER'S DAY - men's party!

  The cost of the 1st lesson: in the hall - 6$, in the online format - 6$. for entering through one window, in which there can be from 1 to an unlimited number of participants in the lesson.

  The classes are taught by Ismail Bababekov - Head Coach of the Federation of Profboy Russia.

  For classes, you need to prepare: a stick measuring 1 - 1.2 m, ideally a heavy gymnastic stick, and, of course, a pair of 1 kg dumbbells. - for adults; regular stick and dumbbells 300g - 500g each. - for kids.

  Zoom login link: ABC COMBAT PRO

  1. Download the Zoom app.

  2. Follow the link to the waiting room (no later than 5 minutes before the start of classes).

  3. Connect microphone and camera.

  4. Sign on your screen Surname First name.




  WhatsApp: +7 969 088-99-83

  Ismail Bababekov.