Eight Powers


The power of energy, The power of hearing, The power of sight, The power of speech,

The power of mind, The power of imagination, The power of truth, The power of persistance.

I promise to myself to try to develop

The Eight Powers through practice of martial arts for the benefit of all the people around the world.

World Federation of Martial Arts «Sekai Bujyutsu Renmei»

Welcome to the official website of World Federation of Martial Arts! We are developing martial arts all around the world. Headquarter based in Tokyo.

We have selected useful and interesting information, which will help you on the way of achievement martial art regardless your current level:

  • - Newbies will find unique pieces of advice from our master and will find information training rooms’ locations
  • - Masters will get access to the audience to interact with and to promote their mastery
Advantages of our website
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Search training rooms and teacher in your cityFor all
Check level and grade of instructor’s or master’s masteryFor all
Detailed information about martial artsFor all
News, information about seminars and competitions among members of the OrganizationFor all
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Exclusive opportunities for instructors (First Dan and above):
  • - Get access to hold an attestation on behalf of Japanese Organization
  • - Filling in the results of attestation on the website and obtaining completed electronic certificates of the Japanese sample
    (you only need to print certificates)
  • - Open Dojo with private page
    (your location marked on the map, news feed, participants, etc.)
  • - Hold official seminars and competitions
  • - Ability to invite masters of martial arts
  • - Possibility to be selected to direction of “Bujuku Center” and to be involved in work of “International department” and “Federation Union

We appreciate your time and make every effort so that you can devote maximum time to your martial art.
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