• From April 1, 2024, the site is being tested.

    The website of the world federation "Sekai Bujutsu Renmei" has been updated using modern technologies!

    Despite the improved operating system, all functionality of the site remains the same!

    Follow the news!

  • The good news from January 1, 2019 for users of the site and official members of the Federation will be fully completed the system of automatic payment of any fees to the organization using your credit/debit card on our website:

    • You can join the organization and get individual number of a member of the Federation (JP******)
      Available now for each user on the site in your profile

    • Each Dojo Chairman can extend the renewal of the annual membership of his Dojo to the World Federation
      Available now for the Chairmen on their Dojo page

    • You can pay the successfully passed exam for 1 Dan and above (Black belts)
      Will appear on the site soon in your profile

    We do everything on our part to ensure full transparency of all financial transactions between you and our organization

    You can find advanced information about all fees to the organization in our membership regulator

  • The team of the World Federation "Sekai Bujyutsu Renmei" welcomes all users on our official website! 

    Becoming a registered user on our official resource, you will be able to get more acquainted with the methodical cognitive information, as well as communicate with like-minded people! 

    Becoming a member of our World Federation, you will be able to physically and technically advance in Japanese martial arts, as well as take part in events held by the Federation and its units! 

    The owner of the black belt will be able to open his Dojo, be elected to the leadership of the Budjyutsu Center, and also attracted to the work of the International Department and the Council of the Federation!